Safely swaddling: Keeping your baby settled

BBC News has commented on the problems of hip dysplasia in babies who are swaddled.  The problem with this is if your baby is much more settled when they are swaddled, what should you do?  For those babies who are much more content swaddled and sleep better you can still swaddle the top half of their bodies tightly but leave the legs and hips so they can move around.  It is usually the arms that wake the baby up.

So wrap the top half of their bodies as you normally would, tucking in the blanket and securing the arms.

Then take the lower half of the blanket, just gently wrap the legs, the baby should be able to move them and lift the knees up. Twist the bottom of the blanket and either gentle tuck in under the baby’s legs or wrap around the legs.  You should be able to see the baby’s legs  move.

The video at this link demonstrates the swaddling technique we advise you to use.

More information can be found about how we can help you at

Screen Shot 2013-11-06 at 14.26.44

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