Noisy Sleeper

Baby’s nasal areas are very small and narrow. If any mucous is present in the area it is difficult to drain away.

Lack of drainage can disturb or prevent your baby from sleeping as well as causing them to breathe noisily when they are asleep.

A congested nose can reduce their ability to suck, which can result in wind in their tummies.


Babies born via C-sections tend typically have a lot of mucous build up, as their chests have not been compressed through the vaginal canal, and it is good to seek treatment to prevent mucous retention.

Saline drops or suction from the baby’s nose may help.

Osteopathy can release tension in the mid face and chest to allow mucous drainage to occur.

Check our colic section for information and advice regarding wind in your baby’s tummy.

More information can be found about how we can help you at

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