Posture whilst feeding

You are likely to be sitting up for 6-8 hours each day when feeding, so it is important to get this right!

A comfortable chair and good feeding posture is essential in order to prevent neck or back pain.

Pain whilst feeding may shorten your feeding time. It is better to correct bad posture before pain develops than treating pain once developed.

Have a good chair. A chair with arms to rest your elbows and ensuring feet are flat on the floor with your bottom at the back of the seat is preferable.

Prevent leaning forward. A footstool to lift the foot on the side the baby is feeding will prevent forward leaning. At night, sit in a chair rather than sitting in bed.

Protect your neck. When feeding at night, use a travel pillow to support the neck and prevent your head dropping forward if you fall asleep. A book or TV can stop you looking down at your baby and prevent neck pain.

Have everything you need at your feeding station. Ensure you have drinks, food and anything else you may need at hand.

Feed where you feel comfortable. This may not necessarily be your baby’s room as you may feel isolated here. If possible have more than one place in your home to feed.

When breastfeeding, ensure the baby’s nose is at nipple height. Keep your elbow supported by cushions – try two normal and one V Pillow. When you take your breast out of the bra it should sit on the top pillow.

When bottle-feeding, changing position is important.  Change arms frequently keeping elbows supported. Try to get somebody else to wind or feed your baby if your neck or upper back is sore.

Always seek treatment to avoid any current pain from increasing.

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