Rib pain

Rib pain is most likely to occur at 20-40 weeks.Ribs need to flare to accommodate the increasing size  of your abdomen.

Stiffness in the mid back or a history of long periods of sitting can prevent this from happening, leading to rib pain.

Stand upright, raise arm towards the ceiling & side bend to 1 o'clock to the left & 11 o'clock to the right.

Stand upright, raise arm towards the ceiling. Side bend to 1 o’clock to the left & 11 o’clock to the right.

Pain can also be due to inflammation of the softer rib tissue; costo-chondritis.

Ice applied three times a day may help alleviate or lessen your pain.

Stretch ribs as shown to the right to help ribs flare and alleviate pain.

KEY TIP: Treatment to the mid back, ribs and diaphragm often helps to ease rib pain.

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