“All the pregnant ladies”

So throughout pregnancy your body must adapt to the increase and changes in weight distribution.

If you have:

-previous back problems

-previous injuries

-long hours of sitting

your pain may be exacerbated by your new posture during pregnancy.

Common areas of pain are:




Over the following weeks, I will give you a week-by-week guide to the various types of pain that occur during pregnancy and you will find out why each pain occurs.

You’ll get recommendations for how to alleviate or at least manage the level of pain you feel, so it doesn’t worsen week-by-week as your body begins to carry more and more weight.


It is common but not normal to have pain during pregnancy. Make sure you inform your midwife, obstetrician or GP about your pain and ask to be referred for treatment.


Until next time,

S x

A welcome to our blog from Simone…

This is dedicated to all women going through pregnancy and the months after the birth. Pregnancy is an exciting time but it is also a time of great change to your life AND YOUR BODY.

We’ve all heard the myths about “pain in pregnancy” and some people, even healthcare professionals, think pain is normal, necessary and something to be endured.

INFACT, PAIN MAY NOT BE A NECESSARY PART OF BEING PREGNANT, most pains can be treated or managed.

This blog will guide you to minimize and manage your body pains through pregnancy and give you advice post-pregnancy too. It will explain how to help yourself and when to seek professional help.

I will also give advice on:

  • how to minimize and manage your body pains THROUGH PREGNANCY
  • how to restore your body AFTER THE BIRTH
  • common problems in the first three months of THE BABY’S LIFE.

About me

I am Simone Ross, an osteopath who specialises in treating pregnant women and newborns. I have a nursing background  and have delivered babies as well as had four children of my own, I know what motherhood can be like firsthand..

Osteopathically, I have looked after women during this unique and special time for over 15 years and I am passionate about the fact that most pain during pregnancy can be treated by an experienced osteopath.  Pain in pregnancy is common but not necessary something that cannot be alleviated, otherwise all mothers would have it!

This blog is for you to help you feel good and focus on the joy of being a mother.

S x